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El programa completo de “María Elvira” (06/15/2015)

María Elvira Salazar durante la emisión de su programa en Mira TV.

El programa completo de “María Elvira” emitido el 15 de junio de 2015 en Mira TV ya está disponible en internet.

La prestigiosa periodista María Elvira Salazar conduce este programa informativo para analizar los últimos acontecimientos noticiosos, tanto en el panorama nacional como en el internacional.

Además cuenta con prestigiosos invitados que analizarán estas temáticas.

“María Elvira” se emite de lunes a viernes a las 8pm en Mira TV.

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  • Roy Toman

    I am amazed at the lack of knowledge your guest Yadira Escobar demonstrated on your program yesterday. She appears to be a highly educated, well versed young lady but, she clearly has a deficiency in the areas of International Politics , History and current events in relation to Cuba. I am an American, whose mother was Cuban and left in 1949. Ms. Escobar needs to be less defensive and learn from those with more experience about the real situation in Cuba. This is not something she seems willing to learn, but with age, comes wisdom. She is very well articulated and must use her gifts and time, to listen to others. This includes the everyday Cuban people on the island and also those who have fled over the decades. If she shields herself from reality she will continue to lose credibility in the world. This is not about taking a position, its about acquiring enough information and experience, to be completely creditable in this arena.